Doug Kavendek - Portfolio


Title Bumfight 2
Date 2005
Platforms Windows, Linux
Executable v0.00.11 (Win32) (4.1 MB)
My ridiculous menu, trash can test, blood, and rising lava. Yes, Fight is spelled wrong
This game isn't for everyone
Nifty water effects

This is technically a sequel to the first Bumfight (Source, EXE), made in QBASIC a while back, which was turn-based, looked awful, but was actually somewhat fun. This one's just as dumb, except with marginally better graphics! Allows splitscreen multiplayer up to four players, along with various game modes separate from just fighting, such as a lava race. This is yet another project I made pretty much from scratch just to see how games like this work, but the rendering was steeped deeply in OpenGL 1.0 concepts so it wasn't very useful to continue developing it.

I've used a lot of the particle physics ideas in future work, including a stable stepping accumulator to ensure nonlinear effects (forces, acceleration) will behave exactly the same on different machines regardless of frame rate or lag, part of its initial attempt at networked multiplayer code. It's fun, but sadly incomplete in many ways. Though given it's fairly offensive subject matter, that may be a good thing.

The game can handle lots of projectiles
Water, weather, and lots of debris
Twice the gore when splitscreened
Spinning objects and rudimentary rain.
The dangers of spikes
Testing projectile trails with the Mario fireball