Doug vs. the interweb


Yes yes! Indeed! Make a user!

Without a user, you can view stuff and make text-only comments and forum posts. However, by registering, you can use additional HTML, edit your own comments, send and receive messages from other users, and keep track of updates and new posts, since updated stuff will be highlighted upon your return.

An email address is now required, so that you can reset your password if you forget it. It will appear in your profile, which only other registered users can see.

Of course, such power means I need to lock down on who registers. To that end, I have implemented a (hopefully) unobtrusive and easy test to verify that you are in fact a human, and not a soul-less robot trying to rape my site. Just select 3 pictures of the given category below -- they are chosen randomly each time. Any user data you've already put into the form below it is preserved even if you mess up this check, so don't worry if you're not sure of the current category.

Humanity Verification
Please select exactly 3 pictures from the category "History, or Things From ye Olden Tymes"

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