Doug vs. the interweb


What's going on here?

I am Doug Kavendek, and this contraption here is my site. It is the fourth or fifth generation of it, but this is the only version that should matter, because it is the first one to be primarily green. Plus, if you register a user, you can edit comments and have new items highlight when you return. These are things I never dreamed were possible, back when I hand-crafted each journal entry's HTML in garish pinks and yellows and stored them on Angelfire.

This site serves two purposes:

So see what you can find here. If you decide to delve into the older entries, please do so with an open mind, as I started this thing quite a long time ago (around or before 1999!), and I look at my earlier ramblings with a mixture of embarrassment and curiosity. I do not claim to know everything now, or to have perfected my own style of writing, but some of what I wrote back then is just atrocious. Also, any mention of page layout is entirely outdated. Various contact information is available in the contact section, and assorted links and files and projects can be found in the stuff section.

If you are interested in RSS feeds, there is the main one available here, which details all site updates along with comments and forum posts. If you'd rather not hear all the heathen nonsense comments, you can subscribe here instead, and only get site updates, but then you are missing half the fun.

Anyway. Good luck.